I’ve been out of work for two weeks now which means I can never tell what day of the week it is. Everyday seems like Sunday. With all this extra time, I finally got around to contacting Dell about fixing my laptop. Every once in a while the key types twice, for instance I type ‘e’ and get ‘ee.’ Dell sent me a new keyboard, showed me the online tutorial, and said “go for it.”

A few screws here, another few there, and my laptop is splayed out like a Christmas ham. I had to take apart and put together that thing like eight times since the keyboard wouldn’t work. After some trial and error, I figured out the problem – not enough pressure on the keyboard connector cable-thingy. What does a manly man do? DUCT TAPE. So now I have a working laptop that involves duct tape. I am awesome.

Not exactly overhauling an engine, but I think testosterone is seeping out my ears.


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