Natty LightWhen I first arrived at college, I drank just about anything. 40’s, 151, Natty Light, Keystone Light, etc… Anything that had alcohol in it went down into my belly where it probably did some serious damage to my intestinal tract and/or stomach.

Over the years I’ve become… more refined in my tastes. Let’s just say that now when I buy beer I can’t help but go for the good stuff. Heck, even Fat Tire isn’t tasting so good these days. I went to the race tracks to bet on some horses recently (and I won $10, hell yeah) and they had dollar beers. Dollar beers! I nearly shit a brick. Then I tasted it. Yum, Bud Light. I actually considered throwing the thing out it tasted so bad.

So, I am now a full blown beer snob. But, according to these people, I guess it was all just a matter of time.


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  1. woda kokosowa może być świetna i zła, powinna być w szkle i z organicznych kokosów

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