Pepe le RapistHave you ever stopped and thought about some of the cartoons you watched growing up? Looking back on Pepe le Pew I can’t help but think he’s the epitome of a rapist. Sure, he doesn’t whack the girl over the head or drug her drink, but he continually forces himself onto his victim until he finally has his way.

Granted, we never actually see him have sex with his victim, but one would assume someone harassing another person to that extent wouldn’t stop at just kisses. Looking further, Pepe actually falls into an incredible strereotype of all French men. They smell, they’re womanizers, and they talk seductively. I sure as Hell never realized this when I was growing up. I wonder if Marvin the Martian is a symbol for anything?



  1. true

  2. So throughout the centuries, how many millions of people have been married after the sometimes longterm relentless persuit of a woman by a man?
    How many of YOUR grandparents or ancestors went through a similar process of courtship?
    How many people afraid of being “caught” were eventually glad that someone considered them lovable enough to outlast all of the defense mechanisms, self doubt, obstacles, and circumstances? I know some charismatic people who agree that sometimes the chase is better than the catch. Yes, you can invest negativity into the image of Pepe if you choose.
    I’d rather see the world the way Stan Dale chose to interpret and explain things, “Every act is either an act of love, or a cry for love.”
    Take another look.

  3. A Looney tunes cartoon – Rapist?
    I am fan of series so:
    Well .. although I dislike discussing fiction, I must say – there are numerous indications Pepe is not after sex or unwanted relationship (he didn’t do anything with sleeping cat, he went away discovering “hes just pew”, heck why then run away when the cat pursued him, he was only after /that/ wasn’t” he).
    Mostly he is just clueless why the cat runs away and thinks it is her love game.
    Well .. and not one straight indication he want’s to rape somebody.
    Blah blah blah. 🙂 etc etc fiction, cartoons blah blah. Period.

    If you start to mix rape (a sexual act with person against her will or with unconcious person.) with this… well then a visit to doctor might be needed.

    Well on the other hand – for a feminist this might seem sexist. Oh noes – they show women as if they need anything from this common love stuff. That’s sexist. that’s rape. That’s rasist .. oh wait. 😀

    Indeed, that was silly. Let’s do something decent and military now.

  4. Henry is saying that stalking is a good self-esteem booster, and Serg is saying that attempted rape is okay because Pepe *didn’t understand* that No Means No. Perhaps if the cat were screaming “Non! Non!” he would have taken the hint. Anybody who can justify physically chasing a woman down as she flees, by hand-waving that their unwanted attention is a *compliment* has a bit of psychopath in them.

    As for “Every act is either an act of love, or a cry for love,” that is disregarding the effect that those actions may have on the “loved” one. It is not love for the cat that makes Pepe Le Pew chase her – it’s love of conquest. I don’t think Stan Dale intended for his words to encourage stalkers and rapists. Here’s a better quote for aspiring sexual predators: “If you love someone, let them go. If they return to you, it was meant to be. If they don’t, their love was never yours to begin with.” As for Serg’s dissing of women, feminists and non-racists (and what does race have to do with anything?) – it’s no surprise that a guy like that would want to justify the actions of a potential rapist. God knows he’s *been there*.

    But I guess that Pepe Le Pew isn’t *really* a rapist – he’s merely a failed attempted rapist. And a cartoon skunk. THAT’S WHAT MAKES IT FUNNY HAHA.

  5. You should base your arguments more on what the creators(C. jones) said or original works (well – cartoons).

    And since some even see Teletubies as gay and governor Bush as alien… well what can I say – everyone has a right to opinion. Noone can argue with someone who genuinely believes what he says (tell it to church fanatics lol).

    As for what I know from Chuck Jones works and interviews Pepe was described as too passionate and not an intention in any way to create sexual maniac (read – rapist/stalker etc). The creator highlighted characteristics he claimed to lack in real life. (Just don’t think I am some kind of crazy fanboy that diggs up material just to prove meaningless point. Simply happen to be connected with cartoon sphere alot too)

    Ok. enough with cartoons and fiction. People should chill out on things liek this. If this goes on, soon children will grow up living in a immaginary World and will probably die young becasue some gangster hit them with a baseball covered with lead paint.
    No-one treats (even kids) things so serious.
    Will someone use the famous “Bugs Bunny kiss” to distract an atacker? Hell no, that is dumb. [Ok, I know whan particular K-1 (martial arts tournament) case, but the kisser ended up being K.O. before the fight].

    Ok, cheers. As they say Vive l` Amour

  6. Wow wow, hei.. wait.. he can talk???

  7. Hahaha, I can’t believe some of the being people commenting above take this so seriously. No one is seriously suggesting Pepe is a rapist, it’s just that if you look at it from a different perspective, he can certainly look like one.

    Dave Chappelle did a great standup routine about the same issue.

  8. Never heard the stand-up, but I’ll keep my eyes peeled for it. Did you know that Mickey Mouse is in black-face? Cartoons sure hold some strange secrets (sometimes not so secret).

  9. Question: Do you feel the same way about Fifi la Fume from Tiny Toon Adventures?

    If your answer is no, then consider yourself…SEXIST!!!

    • Yes, she is a sexual predator.

      • No, she is just lonely, and wants to be loved (And who can blame her when she lives alone in the junkyard and the boys actually like her, but are too scared of her smell to comfort her). Also, it is shown that Furrball likes her, he just hates her smell. I don’t think Pepe is a rapist either, just misunderstood.

      • they’re all racial stereotypes too lol

  10. PEPE LE PEW is a CARTOON!!!

    I love Pepe Le Pew…

    Wile E. Coyote is a murder, Sylvester is a killer, Daffy is a psycho…ja
    (Get a life, pleeease!)

  11. He needs to move on and stop harassing the women…I bet he’s the bed intruder…Antoine Dodson lookin for him too…what if he comes to y’all kids?!?He climbin in yo window snatchin cats n humans up!

  12. LOL,That was funny Kendra,but I think he just needs to move on because he might be a perv,rapist,lovable stalker,who knows.LOL
    From,Shirley 🙂

  13. Wow,, That is awesome!!

  14. my be you lot of woserser need a bullet to wake you up it is onlt a cartoon the modern cartoonsd are far worse nan pepe ever was

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  16. Pepe was kidnapping female animals bringing them to his home, locking the door and swallowing the key. He did this at least 3 times I can remember. That is not romantic. That is “You aren’t leaving till we do some heaving”.

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