Most Depressing Cartoon Ever

Above you will see what I consider to be the most depressing cartoon in the world. Granted, I have not seen every cartoon in the world, but this one holds a special place in my heart. I grew up idolizing Calvin and Hobbes.

For me, Calvin represented the imaginative side that was trying to escape from the world at large. For all those people who wanted to show up to class in a full tuxedo, for all those people who love skateboarding in nothing but a pink Speedo, Calvin was your cartoon. Through thick and thin, Calvin’s imagination changed the way people thought about life, people, and especially children.

Children have been taught to obey their elders, not to doodle on the walls of buildings or to stand out. Heck, some little kids have even been issued tickets for having a simple lemonade stand. But Calvin shows us that it’s okay to have these urges to be childish. The problem is that society at large – as an entity – considers these urges ‘silly.’ So you wish that the snowman you built would come alive and terrorize the neighborhood, or that you could time travel in a cardboard box? Calvin taught a legion of children that having this kind of imagination was acceptable and should be encouraged.

This is why the cartoon depicted above is so disturbing. If Calvin is the depiction of our childish side, what does that say about the above cartoon?

The cartoon represents not only adulthood itself, but the future of childhood. People who grew up with Calvin and Hobbes are now reaching the age where they have children of their own. Some of these new parents are faced with a haunting question – do they let their kids be themselves?

Calvin taught us that acting out was okay, but the world at large says that it isn’t. Calvin was horrible at school. Not only did he get bad grades, but he mouthed off to teachers, stayed out at recess too long, and shirked homework. This anti-social behavior in the real world is never tolerated. This might lead parents to believe that drugs are the only answer for a kid who is incapable of conforming to what is expected of him.

But what about if we want our kids to be happy and creative, as well as successful? We are torn between letting our kids be kids, or prepping them so they can be prosperous as adults. The cartoon above depicts the harshest choice we’d ever have to face as parents – killing our kid’s creative side so that they can be ‘successful’ in life. It doesn’t matter how creative of an imagination you have – that won’t get you into college

The cartoon above is the choice one parent has made – to sacrifice the imagination of their child for a better chance at a well-paying job. In the end, everyone idolizes Calvin, but no one actually wants him as their kid. I consider this to be the most depressing cartoon in the world because in the end, Calvin is no longer himself.


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  1. there’s more to this comic. you’re missing the ending.

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