New Span of Oakland Bay BridgeAfter the collapsing of a small section of the Oakland side of the Bay Bridge here (no one went in the water, they just ended up going from flowing with traffic on the top of the bridge to flowing against traffic one floor down. Not exactly the kind of thrill ride you’d expect) the powers that be decided that a new bridge would be needed, a safer one.

I’m all for a new bridge. I have to admit thought that I preferred that the Oakland side of the span was sketchy as Hell while the SF side of it was pristine. For instance, in this weekend a bunch of people ate sourdough bread and spent tons of money. In Oakland this weekend, six people were shot and killed. Go East Bay, whoop whoop!

But the one thing about the bridge that’s bothering me is their new pedestrian addition. It’s a great idea really, walking or biking from one side to the other. Granted it’s seven miles, but it beats being sucked dry by BART. The only problem is that as far as I can tell, THERE IS NO PLAN FOR A PEDESTRIAN CROSSING ON THE SF SPAN.

Yep, when the bridge is complete, you can walk all the way to Yerba Buena/Treasure Island (Yay! Yay! Oh what fun!) and then, now get this, TAKE A BUS! This is awesome. Now instead of saving a few bucks and getting some exercise by walking across, now I can walk halfway and still pay a bus to take me to the City. Awesome. Way to go guys.


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