I was going for a bike ride yesterday to go deposit some checks at the bank when I was creamed. I was coming down the driveway of my apartment complex to go to the road when some teenager came screaming down the sidewalk on a mountain bike and T-boned me.

I haven’t been in too many accidents, but usually the people involved check to see if the other is okay and then go on their way. My guy stood there for a few seconds, getting his bike untangled from mine, and then took off DOWN THE SAME SIDEWALK. He bolted like a bat out of Hell. I don’t know if he though I was going to sue (I wasn’t) or might serve jail time (I burned a bug with a magnifying glass once and thought jail was a possibility) but he was GONE.

In hindsight, I should have been wearing a helmet. I was only going a few blocks so figured I didn’t need one. I probably wouldn’t have this stiff neck. My back would still feel like crap though. Oh, funny story. I got freezer burn on my ass. I put on an ice pack or two and 20 mins later I had frozen skin. It was creepy. I now have a hefty burn on my ass. Things just keep getting better.


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