If there’s one thing I wish I could do, it would be to get people to do things. Have that sort of magnetic personality that would make my word be law. The reason? I want to bike across the Bay Bridge.

Once a month the bay area has a Critical Mass bike protest thing. Basically, leave your car at home and clog the streets with tons of bikes. Dangerous, I know, but kinda awesome at the same time. Imagine downtown wherever you live clogged with bikes. There’d be a ton of accidents I know – just about every cyclist would run all the lights – but an impressive sight indeed.

The Bay Bridge is a different kind of beast. It’s seven miles long, the Oakland side is sloped uphill like crazy, and to even get to the start of it you’d have to bike on the connecting freeway for at least a mile. The other issue is it’s the major thoroughfare for almost all of the jobs in SF (since no one can afford to live in the place, we all live in the East Bay) and therefore packed with cars. The slightest stall would send back a chain reaction that would clog the bridge up for hours.

So basically what I’m saying is this: Could someone please organize a ‘bike across the bridge’ event? I’m there, even if we all get arrested before we get on the freeway.


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