Sure, global warming and rising pollution will get you down, but what about all the great stuff that is going on? It’s time to ignore the fact that the Northern Ice Cap is going to be gone in a few years and start hoping that maybe we can extend our existence on this planet just a few more centuries.

Stirling engines to the rescue!

Ever since I found out about this kind of engine at How Stuff Works I’ve been crazy for Stirling engines. What exactly is it? It’s an engine that runs on heat. In fact, the farmer who patented the invention in 1816 wasn’t exactly how his invention worked, just that it worked. Visiting professors were stunned that this farmer in the boonies could invent probably the coolest thing of the decade and not realize how it worked or why it worked. That would be like you inventing a hang-glider when all you wanted was some shade.

Now you might say, “But John, wouldn’t that heat source have to be burning fossil fuel?” Wrong.

You see, the Stirling engine can run on ANY kind of heat source. Be it the burning bodies of extinct polar bears or just the heat of your own hand, it doesn’t matter. No fuel, just air. Personally, I think this has the greatest potential to be the answer to our energy needs.


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