Every time I scour the Internet for the latest and greatest environmental gadgets to add to the house I want to build, I keep coming back to this website which gives you tips on alternative energy you can build on your own. Granted, you’ll need a welder (yes!), some thick clothes (arrr!), and plenty of elbow grease (yarr!). Just reading these do-it-yourself guides makes the hair on my chest grow thicker.

Can you imagine building a ten’ diameter windmill from scratch yourself? If you did that, no one could EVER give you crap about ANYTHING you’ll ever do for the rest of your life. All you would have to do is answer ‘I built my own ten foot diameter windmill’ and you’d be off scot-free. You could even eat a baby, no one would want to get near you for fear of accidentally catching the spray of testosterone coming off your body.

Now all I need to do is score some workshop space at a friends and I’ll be set.


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