Wedding jittersI don’t know if it’s the kind of people I’m drawn to, or if I just got unlucky, but I seem to be friends with people who all want to get married in the next two years. Including myself. Hmmmm…

Anyways, what it means is that I’ve got seven goddamned weddings to go to this year alone, and already have three on deck for next year. What this means for me is that I am flying all over the freaking country dispensing gifts like Santa Claus only instead of saying ‘Ho, ho, ho!’ it’ll probably be ‘Can I sleep on the floor of your hotel room?’

I’m not trying to say I don’t want to go, I’m excited to go. Heck, I’m even the Reverend in one of the ceremonies this year. It’s just that my girlfriend only has one of her friends getting married this year and so far that’s it. So I have to ask myself: What is it about my friends that they just love to get married? Cause right now, I have no idea why almost everyone I know is taking the plunge.


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