Positive: I’m at home and not in a cubicle or commuting.

Negative: My co-workers never hang out with me since they’re in New York.

Positive: I can shower when I want.

Negative: According to my girlfriend I can’t.

Positive: I can make my own lunch everyday and eat healthy.

Negative: I have to make my own lunch everyday.

Positive: I don’t have to worry about what I’m looking at on the Internet since no co-workers are staring over my shoulders.

Negative: Videos cause Internet lag so I have to either work longer or not look at said videos.

Positive: I can hang out at a friends an do work there as long as they have Internet.

Negative: If they have Internet, they probably have an xBox which decreases productivity substantially.

Positive: I can nap whenever I want to.

Negative: I can’t nap, I don’t know why, I just can’t

Positive: I’m relaxed.

Negative: I’m so relaxed it’s hard to stop surfing and keep working.

Positive: I’m home.

Negative: No one else is.


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