I just made my second post over at Future Blogger about mice, it was great since I added a little more of my personality into it instead of treating it like a college essay. I admit, most of the time the college essay is great, but I’m really glad the people where I work said it was okay to get a little comfortable with my humor.

I’m heading off to Washington DC tomorrow night to see a friend of mine I haven’t seen in almost three years. Granted, I was in Peace Corps for two so that category might include just about everyone I know, but this involves tradition.

Before I left for the Peace Corps, I went to DC to see my friend before I left. He was out on the East Coast for a while and I hadn’t had much face time with him. We had a great time. In fact, we almost got him fired from his job it was so great. After the almost-firing, we went and saw Batman Begins. See where this is going?

So, I’m traveling to DC to get silly with him again and watch The Dark Knight, maybe a new tradition. Hopefully he won’t get fired this time…


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