Like an idiot I almost bought a flask.  Why?  Movies.  Like children who want to smoke, I was influenced by movies.  But I caught myself in time thank god.  After idolizing the guys on TV who kick ass and carry a flask, I realize they aren’t that cool at all.  Basically, they’re alcoholics.

Think about it.  When would you ever possibly want a swig of straight alcohol.  Backpacking, okay.  Or maybe if you’re travelling through Utah and you need to carry your own.  But honestly, when would you ever want to take a swig?  Golfing mid-day?  The movie theater?  Any scenario I come up with I just don’t see as fun.  Maybe it’s because I like beer and not hard alcohol so much (sipping a body-warm beer, bleh) but it just sounds gross.



  1. Movie flasks rock.

  2. Beer in a flask would be gross. Sounds like you just have to learn to like whiskey.

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