Mixon Supporters Win ‘Assholes of the Year’ Award Early in 2009

oaklandpoliceFor those of you that may not have heard, a man named Lovelle Mixon was pulled over by two motorcycle cops a week or so ago and he promptly gunned them both down.  He then ran to his sisters apartment.  By the end of the day he was dead along with four Oakland PD officers.

Last night, about 60 people came out in support of Mixon and against the Oakland Police Department, saying Mixon was innocent of the rape allegations and that Oakland Police are overly violent.

Look, everybody knows Oakland Police are too violent.  That’s a given.  But this guy wasn’t even gunned down unarmed or even armed to begin with.  He got pulled over, killed two officers, then later two more when they tried to capture him.  Are you serious?

Yes, Mixon dying was a tragedy, but the guy had killed two officers of the law.  I don’t understand how people can proclaim his innocence when he acts like he’s guilty of murder.  And it wasn’t because they were harassing him, you don’t open fire on police who pull you over for being black.

Come on, I know America has idiots in its ranks, but I never thought they were smart enough to organize.


History Ruins Something Else I Like

I was bouncing around the Internet this morning and happened on a video that changed my world.

Someone digging through history has ruined something else I liked.  I didn’t need to know that George Washington had a British accent, or that Lincoln told people in debates two totally different stances on slavery depending on where he campaigned.  And now, Dragnet has been ruined.  Thanks ass-hats.