Does God Wear Underwear? If So, What?

Does God wear underwear?  (For the article I’m going to refer to God as a male entity, shoot me)underwear

I’m constantly amazed at religious people who assume their religious being is an actual physical thing.  It seems to me they just open themselves up for ridicule or uncomfortable questions.  I mean, if God DID physically exist as a person (we’re in his image, right?) then what does he wear?  A toga?  If so, does God free-ball?  What about his dick?  Is it possible that a human has a bigger dick than God?  If it’s not possible, then God is packing some serious heat down there.

There are so many questions I have for religious people regarding a physical being, or even a physical afterlife.  If Heaven did exist, don’t you think you’d get bored of talking to everyone after a while?  What about if no one wanted to hang out with you because you were a dick in real life so in their idea of Heaven you don’t exist?  Don’t you think you’d get bored of Heaven after a few million years?

Anyways, just a thought.


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