On the Hunt!

pipeHarumph!  I’m on the hunt to find the pipe tobacco my grandpa smoked back in the day.  I’ve been hanging onto these pipes for over a decade from my other grandpa fully expecting to use them to smoke a little ‘giggle weed’ out of them, but never actually doing it.

Now, a bit more mature (haha), I’ve decided to try smoking pipe tobacco recreationally.

I figure about once or twice a month I’ll sit down to a good book, pack the pipe, and enjoy the taste of finely aged loose-leaf tobacco.  Gazing over the people walking by, curious why a man of my calibre is puffing away…

Okay, to be honest, my first round of smoking out of a pipe didn’t go quite as planned.  My friend Lucas and I had no idea how to pack it, it was windy, and we were in a cemetery.  I don’t know what it is, but cemeteries just seem so majestic and beautiful, but peaceful as well because everyone there is dead.  And there is something to say for millionaires in the late 1800’s wanting to build crazy monuments to themselves; what beautiful architecture sometimes, makes me think of ancient Greece or Rome.

Any-hoo, we got an ounce of the stuff for only $3.50 at the Piedmont Tobacconist who the first time I was there were huge jerks.  They were tobacco people and I wasn’t, so I got the cold shoulder.  The second time I went back they were incredibly nice, really really nice.  It was weird.  They  set me up with a baggie of tobacco and a packet of matches and sent me on my way.

So we smoked a bowl (hmmm, I wonder if that’s even the proper terminology for tobacco) and it was okay, but not the right taste or smell.  I guess all I can do is keep trying different packets and eventually stumble onto the right mixture.  You know that smell, the one you sniff in the air and think ‘grandpa.’

I’ll keep you all posted.


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