I Am An Amateur

coppercableAfter two days working on site, I feel like I am way over my head.  Evidenced by the fact that I’ve already done about $500 worth of damage to equipment and repairing a few of the welds I did.  I’m certified and everything, but I’m doing stuff that I’ve never done before (bridging a one-inch gap by laying down weld after weld) and using flux-core MIG wire.

To protect the wire you’re laying down onto the surface of the metal it needs to be protected from the outside elements so no impurities get welded into it and ten years later it starts breaking or whatever.  In class we used a mixture of Argon and C02 to shield the wire from oxygenation.  On the job site there’s this material called flux which is built into the wire and protects the weld while you’re laying it down.  This means after you’re done you have this hard casing of flux you need to chip off the original weld in case you want to weld on top of the other weld.

It is because of this much pain-in-the-ass that I took up the gas-shielding type of welding.  If I wanted to chip away flux all day I would have taken up stick welding.  Sadly, I’m working at a snails pace and keep waiting for them to just fire me.  But, it hasn’t happened… yet.  Only two more weeks!

As for the broken equipment, the thick copper cable that powers the welding machine I accidentally ran over with a scissor-lift (it raises up a few stories and the joints look like scissors) which is no problem, but the tire was resting on top of the cable.  Lo and behold, when I extended the lift up, the cable stretched and then broke.  My god those things are SO full of copper.  Anyways, there goes a $500 cable.  I am such an idiot.

I kinda hope everyone was this clueless the first time they were working on a site.  Like a Greenhorn from ‘Deadliest Catch’ you know?

Ah well, two more weeks.


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