What I Learned Working 6.5 Days At A Construction Site

fired1)  No matter what Eli tells you, there is no such thing as a ‘Beam Stretcher’ in the truck.  It’s a snipe hunt.

2)  You can drink two gallons of water welding in hot weather in a leather jacket and never have to pee once.

3)  You can sweat through a leather jacket.

4)  Polyester is incredibly flammable.

5)  Every white guy on site has had jail time, a few DUI’s, or unplanned children (or all of the above).

6)  No one will stop to teach you anything, and if you ask they get pissy and wonder why you’re not working.

7)  Don’t weld in a t-shirt even on hot days, you’ll get crazy UV burns from the light.

8)  My welds suck so bad I was ‘let go.’

So I’m unemployed again.  The lead guy told me all my welds were ‘ugly’ and will have to be redone by someone else.  To be honest, I got the feeling yesterday that I was going to be fired.  I had worked out in my head how much work I had done (W), minused work I created from bad work (B) and equipment I had broken (E) and the totals were not looking good.  So, this morning at 8am, I was fired.  Back to surfing Craigslist!

One other thing I noticed on site.  There is a huge division between the white workers and the migrant workers.  They don’t aknowledge each other, the white guys talk sometimes about the ‘fucking wetbacks’ (I still don’t know where the term ‘wetback’ comes from) and about how cool it is to cut them in line at the Roach Coach, or how one of them tried to cut them off and he about beat the crap out of the guy.

I noticed this thing right away when I tried smiling or waving to the other workers and they just ignored me.  I could see how after being yelled at by all the white guys on site you wouldn’t want to be nice to one since he might just be using it as an opening to bitch you out.

Anyways, hope your weekend is great!



  1. Welcome to Earth.


  2. Sheet man. Hell of an experience. Sounds sadistically fun though.

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