The Next James Bond Plot

moonrakerYou know how in the really good James Bond movies you sort of feel for the bad guy?  Or maybe not the bad guy in general, but sympathize with his idea?  For instance, in Moonraker you had Hugo Drax who want to right all the environmental wrongs the human species has done to the world.  Pollution, war, killing off species, etc.  He just figured it was going to get worse and worse (he was right) and tried to put a stop to it by killing off humanity and then saving a select few who would return to Earth in time and live harmoniously with nature.

You can’t really blame the guy, eh?

Well I came up with a silly plot yesterday when I was considering my unemployment status.  Here goes:

An unemployed guy figures the best way to save the economy and give everyone jobs again is to kill off a large portion of the population.  He develops a virus which will only kill off 50% of the world, leaving enough people to all have jobs, rebuild, and start a new world that is economically and environmentally conscious.

When you consider how weird some of the James Bond plots are, it’s not that far-fetched.  Creating an earthquake to destroy Silicon Valley for real estate gain?  Monopolizing the news of the world and causing it to happen?  Playing poker with a guy who cries blood?  Hollywood, send me my paycheck.


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