I Swear To God I’m Freaking Out

Every once in a while I can’t help but let my mind wander into areas that I know should be off limits.  For instance, Asian drivers are just as good as anyone else, but when I get cut-off or something I can’t help but think it’s shitty driving due to heritage.  Or maybe crap that the media loves to latch onto which proves a stereotype, like when that black lady called 911 saying some fast food chain ran out of fried chicken.  COME ON!  Here I am along with a ton of other people trying to convince myself that stereotypes are horrible and misleading, and shit like that happens.  Makes you wonder if the news would report on the same lady calling 911 if Whole Foods ran out of Organic Carrots or something (I’d love to hear that in the news).

conspiracyWhich brings me to my point on my brain thinking there are conspiracy theories that are correct but I hope are not.

Did you notice that every time the US gets into a surplus situation with tons of cash floating around that  we hit a major crisis?  I mean, we finally have enough cash to switch us over to solar and wind, gas prices are massive and everyone is behind switching to green, and then the shit hits the fan.  Gas prices drop, the economy drops, and we stop thinking about it.  Considering we’re going to need an Earth to live on it’s kinda strange, but one almost wonders if there aren’t some powerful executives flipping switches to make all this kind of crap happen.

Think of the stock market a few months ago.  One day it was up 500, the next it was down 700, then up 300 the next.  You almost wonder if someone was buying a ton of stock, making the numbers go up high, selling, and then have them go down again.  A roller coaster which the rich make the money off of (damn you Buffet!).

I don’t know what is real anymore, but part of me can’t get this kind of crap out of my mind.  And whenever I bring it up to people they just support it.  What is a semi-paranoid guy to do?


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