My Tattoo is Finished (for now)

I got the rest of my inking done yesterday for my half-sleeve tattoo.  Jason Phillips at FTW Tattoo yet again did a great job.  If you’re in the East Bay and looking for a great artist, can’t recommend him enough.  Proof of his great work I’ve posted below in photographic form.

The inside of my arm wasn’t as painful this time, maybe because I twisted the hell out of my ankle in Indiana my last night there and it’s been throbbing ever since.  X-Rays show it’s not broken thankfully.

I joked with Jason that if I wanted to get a full sleeve the rest would have to be an underwater theme since it’s under the boat.  Awesome idea, but I don’t know if the full sleeve is for me, at least at this point in life.  The other arm is open for anything and of course I’ve always toyed with the idea of getting more stuff on my back other than a robot and demon.

Honestly, I still love my first two tattoos, but almost regret them now because of the arm tattoo.  The two images on my back mean something to me but they’re kinda just floating there all alone.  This arm tattoo just makes me wish I had included them into a mosaic, something bigger than just themselves.  I kinda wish now the arm tattoo was my first one, but I’m hoping I can work the other two into some type of pattern.

Anyways, I can’t make the arm tattoo one big photo like they do in tattoo magazines, so here are just a bunch of shots of it.  Enjoy!


I Hate San Francisco (not really)

There are so many things in the Bay Area that I feel drives divides into our happy little community.  For instance, the subway system (BART) doesn’t run past midnight/midnight-thirty.  This means if you live in Oakland or Berkeley, you either need to leave the bar around 11:30 or so, or scamper to find a bed to sleep in until service resumes at 5am (maybe that ugly lady at the end of the bar might not be too ugly when there’s nowhere to sleep).

Another is the cost of living.  San Francisco may be pretty cool and have a ton of stuff to do, but it all costs an arm and a leg.  Go out to a bar and you might end up aith a $60 bar tab, $100 if you add the sushi you thought was going to be a good idea.  In the East Bay your bar tab will run you about $30 all said and done, and that’s a wild night.  Rent is also about $1,000 cheaper to a comparable place in SF unless you go down to Colma which is full of dead people.

The fact that SF has massive hills also is a knock against it.  I can bike just about anywhere in the East Bay with my single-speed and not hit a hill higher that a few feet.  In SF you’ll need calve muscles that resemble either a grapefruit or a gnarly tumor.  Great workout yeah, but who really wants to do that?  Chances are a cab ride will suffice.  Face it, you have to have a pretty good bankroll in SF.

The reason this is all coming up is because of the fireworks show last night.  I went with some friends up to a hill in the Berkeley Marina to watch the Berkeley fireworks show and as a bonus we could see Oakland’s show at Jack London, SF’s show at Crissy Field, and some of Richmond and Marin off in the distance (there was some low cloud cover which illuminated everything pretty awesomely I have to admit).

sffireworksThe Oakland show was cool, and I’m sure the Berkeley show would have been just as great except that right behind it across the bay was the SF fireworks show.  My god did it look impressive.  From 8 miles away it looked amazing.  They had so many great fireworks, but the kicker was that they had it doubled so that if one firework went off, there was a mirror image of it going off in the other direction.  At first I thought it was the beer I drank or a trick with the distance, but everyone was blown away by it, envious that we didn’t go to SF for the show.

It just made me dislike SF even more, despite having tons of cool stuff.  Other things piss me off too, like how no one in SF knows anything about BART, but us here in the East Bay know it like the back of our hands.

We might not be rich, but the East Bay kicks SF ass.

That Kinda Tickled


Oh man, that kinda hurt.  I just got back from the first session of my tattoo and yowza.  I am SO not looking forward to completing the rest of it on the inside of my arm.  Every time the needle got a little close to that soft-arm area goodness I had to forcefully meditate to stop me from wincing too much.  The coloring and the underarm will be done on July 29th, a little over a month from now, which sucks but well worth the wait.  Jason over at FTW Tattoo is a huge bad-ass.

Anyways, I’m off to get a bite to eat and weep big man tears as I remove the bandage.

Mixon Supporters Win ‘Assholes of the Year’ Award Early in 2009

oaklandpoliceFor those of you that may not have heard, a man named Lovelle Mixon was pulled over by two motorcycle cops a week or so ago and he promptly gunned them both down.  He then ran to his sisters apartment.  By the end of the day he was dead along with four Oakland PD officers.

Last night, about 60 people came out in support of Mixon and against the Oakland Police Department, saying Mixon was innocent of the rape allegations and that Oakland Police are overly violent.

Look, everybody knows Oakland Police are too violent.  That’s a given.  But this guy wasn’t even gunned down unarmed or even armed to begin with.  He got pulled over, killed two officers, then later two more when they tried to capture him.  Are you serious?

Yes, Mixon dying was a tragedy, but the guy had killed two officers of the law.  I don’t understand how people can proclaim his innocence when he acts like he’s guilty of murder.  And it wasn’t because they were harassing him, you don’t open fire on police who pull you over for being black.

Come on, I know America has idiots in its ranks, but I never thought they were smart enough to organize.