The Grog Song

grogInternational Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day fast approaches (Sept 19th) so I thought I’d post a song I wrote in Niger about the best drink in the world… GROG!

Solo: Some call it briney and some call it slimey!

Everyone: But put to the test, it beats all the rest!

S: No advice you be heedin’ though your gums they be bleedin’!

E: But put to the test, it beats all the rest!


Grog! Grog! A wonderful drink!

You’ll smell like a skunk and then die from the stink!

And if my dear swill be forbidden by god,

I’d rather be burnin’ than part with my grog!

S: Your vision goes hazy and it makes you quite crazy!

E: But put to the test, it beats all the rest!

S: It makes you quite nervy and saves you from scurvy!

E: But put to the test, it beats all the rest!


So hoist up your glasses and raise them up high,

Salute that black flag way up in the sky!

Lift up your elbows and give ‘em a twist,

Drink all your grog or you’ll eat my damn fist!


I’m Getting my Third Tattoo

After wanting one for what seems like forever, I’m going to get my third tattoo.  While my first two are merely images or symbols that I felt meant something to me, this next one is going to be more of the same only way bigger.  In fact, I plan on covering my right shoulder and most of my upper arm.  I wish I could go for a full sleeve, but honestly I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life and it would suck to have to wear long-sleeved shirts forever.

And while a tattoo like the one my friend Gorilla Sushi has seemed pretty interesting, I’ve come up with four images that will be woven together to create a huge mosaic, the theme being nautical.  Here are the images and the explanation behind them (thanks to Google image search which helped out a bunch).

SuperStock_255-36187I decided on a ship for many reasons.  The first being that I rowed for seven years and putting either a rowing shell or oars on my body permanently just seemed retarded.  The second being that my grandpa Hotch, who I idolized as a kid, built Liberty ships in Richmond during WWII and served in the Merchant Marines a spell.  His business before he passed was building ship engine parts, I’m talking HUGE parts, like pistons the size of a Ford Excursion.  They even some engine work on the Jeremiah O’Brien which was brought up  to spec a few decades ago.

On top of all that, masted ships are beautiful.

On the stern of it the name of the ship will be Hotch, sailing away through the storm which in itself could have plenty of meaning.  Him passing away, leaving for good, the storm being the turmoil of his last years with us or even his alcoholism which followed him his entire life.  The ship will be as detailed as possible, since I’m not a fan of the cartoony sailor tattoos you can see up in parlors everywhere.

Compass_RoseThe second image is going to be a compass rose, tying into the whole nautical theme.  I liked this one because not only does it make me think of my love of history what with old maps, but also my love of Northern California.  On top of that, it’s a directional thing as well, finding ones bearing, knowing where you are in life, knowing that no matter what life throws at you, you always have one hand on the tiller and can find the right course at anytime.

PirateGhostThis next image touches on a few different aspects of my life, on top of being really fucking spooky.  I’ve been a fan of the mythical image of pirates since I first saw the movie Cutthroat Island with Geena Davis.  Everyone else thought it was a terrible movie, but I was hooked.  Ever since I’ve been a fan, and just putting a pirate flag on my grandpa’s ship just didn’t seem right.

Secondly, I used this image a lot while in the Peace Corps in Niger.  I was quite famous for throwing pirate parties and even made my own tri-pointed hat out of half a cow of leather in my mud hut.  Heck, I even buried silver all over the town of Zinder and gave out elaborate treasure maps to teams of people.

Also, I dig the image.

feather penLast but not least is the representation of my love of writing.  A pencil just didn’t cut it, and a feather pen just seemed right.  It makes me think of someone sitting down in candlelight, thoughtfully scribbling away on a piece of paper, dabbing a little ink on the tip every so often finally throwing a coating of powder onto it to dry up the ink so it doesn’t smear, folding it up, and sealing it with a wax stamp.  The pen willl look as if it’s drawing the tattoo which I think should blend in nicely.

That’s about it.  The guy over at FTW Tattoo here in the East Bay (Jason) which just so happens to be six blocks from where I live is drawing it up and on the 24th I go under the needle.  Thunder clouds and waves will tie everything together to create one awesome arm tattoo.  I’m going to leave the edges faded for when I extend it down to the rest of my arm maybe a few years from now.  In the running is possibly Thor’s Hammer on my forearm.

Wish me luck!  Pics to follow.

Update: Halfway done, check it out.